*Indicates sold image. Click to see it larger:

The Last Colour Show II, 18x26,-Mixed-Media,Monoprint, $1050 Down by the River Side, 22x28, oil on canvas $1500 *A Walk in the Woods, 20x24, oil on Canvas, $1,325.00 After the Rain, Mossom Creek 8x10 Fr. oil $250 Pond, Coquitlam River, 8x10, oil, $245-Fr. Late Afternoon, Coquitlam River, 11x14, oil Gal *The Lions *Boardwalk Greens, Saltspring Island, 13x11, Watecolour, $500-fr A Salute to Summer, Monoprint, 24x20, $1,325 Beginning of a Beauty, 20-x16, Oil, $975 Late Afternoon, Coquitlam River Park 11x14 Oil $475 Pretty in Pink, Oil - 8x8 $250 ...and Mighty Rivers Grow 24x30  $1625 Summer has Arrived 18x36 Oil $1625 Group of Seven 24x24  $1440
Zanzibar 10x10  $300
Floral Fantasy 20x48 oil Triptyich $2380
The Flower Garden 18x36 $1625

A Bowlful of Summer 10x12 $350

Jam Making *Steveston 12x16 oil  A Walk in the Woods, 16x20 Oil Summer in a Pickle Jar 20x16 oil Cash for Fish 16x12 Acrylic Cottage Country, 16x20 oil Rose Garden (Normandy) 12x16 oil  The Boat Club (Normandy) 12x24 Oil *Schoolyard Memories, 10x10 Oil *Ready for a Game 10x10 Oil 
The Games we Played, 10x10 oil
*Marbles 10x10 Oil on Gal. canvas
* The Bobbsey Twins 10x10 oil $150 *Liberte, 10x10 oil $150 *I'm for Sale, 10x10 oil The Jeweller-1 Sunny Pond 11x14 oil Colourful Autumn, Coquihalla, 11x14 oil Lunch in the Sun 12x16 Oil * Saturday Market, Langudoc 16x12 Oil $750 *Amsterdam Holiday * The Spanish Armada Revisited *Two Old Salts * All Tied Up, Concarneau, France 16x12 Oil
* Row, row, row your Boat...! 20x16 Oil
* Sunshine and Shadows 12x16 Oil

The Blue Jug 20x16 Acrylic
Autumn Reflections 12x16 Oil

Entrance to the Chateau, Normandy  16x12 oil *Spring Colours  12x16 oil Nanaimo Ferry  7x5 oil

* Tea Break  9x12 oil * A Perfect Day First of the Season * Marbles Anyone Mellow Yellow * Past Memories 1 *Birch Grove * Day's End - Honfleur * Woodland Pond A Walk in the Woods, 16x20 Oil Spring at it's Best, 11x14 Acrylic * Grandmother's Tea Canisters *Needs a Little Work! Bar L'Olivier, L'isle-sur-Tarn Early Morning Sunlight 16x20 * Ready for the Day,  7x12 * Tulips 24x30 A Day on the River (Coquihalla), 16x12 Acrylic Patsy's Pitcher, 20x16' Acrylic Two of a Kind, 20x16, Acrylic Sunday Market, Collioure, 16x20 oil A Quiet Haven, Waverly River 20x16  $900 *Seen Better Days 18x24 Oil $1000 An Old Timmer, Finn's Slough,16x20 Dinner Plate Island School, Finn's Slough, 20x16 Great Weekends, Southwold, 16x20 Oil Tulip Trio, 20x30 Oil White Beauties, 20x24 Acrylic Golden Colours, Duck Meadow 18x24 oil *Margaredaville The Golden Hour, 12x16 A Quiet Corner, Ouche River, France, 16x20 *Back in Port, Ketchikan 12x16 Begonias 10x14 *Fish for Sale 20x16 Oil Autumn, Finn's Slough 16x20 Oil *Lady Slipper, 11x14 oil *Memories-Monterosso, Italy *Azalea Blossoms 12x12 oil-1 Chance Meeting, 12x16 Oil * Misty Glen, 16x20 Oil Peonies, 20x16 Oil *Rowboat and Friends A Spring Day, Confederation Park, Calgary 20x16 Oil An Old Suncatcher II, 9x12 Oil,jpg Company's Coming 24x30 Oil La Malene en Route to Calvison, France 16x12 Oil Oh What a Day!  Eagle River, Shushwap *Orientals 11x15 Watercolour Shastas, 20x16, Oil *The Sun Came Out, Burgundy 16x20 Oil jquery lightbox with videoby VisualLightBox.com v5.7